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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Inaugural Post

Obviously no one is looking for this quite yet.

I've always wondered why it is exactly that people engage in blogging at all. For some people it seems like it's an excuse to keep a diary. But then again, the whole concept of a diary, at least to me, revolved around the idea of keeping it secret. The airing out of personal dirty laundry on the internet seems somehow unclean. It's also extremely self-aggrandizing.

Which of course brings me to my own motivation. It's certainly not to gossip about my personal life. I'll be working soon at my new job and I have no desire to bring down the hellfire of the firm down on my head for complaining too much. No. I'm motivated by my First Amendment class - hopefully this forum will allow me to force myself into putting down some thoughts occasionally.

For now I have no ideas because I'm tired. But in the future.... or we'll see how this works out.