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Monday, December 05, 2005

Worst Vacation Ever (Supplement) : Why Mata Doesn't Rock

I want to just interpose, for a moment, a few words about my disappointment with the staff at Mata Rocks. Let me also offer the countervailing caveat that the owners were not present at any point during these events. They were on "vacation." I don't understand where you go for vacation when you live in Belize, but maybe somewhere cold. Maybe Newfoundland.

A list of complaints in short:

1. The bag was stolen on their premises, under the nose of their security guard and they were not only not helpful, and not only actually hurtful (as you will know if you read my account), but they were down-right mean about it.
2. One of the staff members actually told me something to the effect, "Well you shouldn't leave your bag out on the balcony." I felt like saying, "Well, you shouldn't be such an $#!hole about it." Of course I know that, there's no reason to say that to someone you should be helping.
3. They repeatedly gave us misinformation about how to get our passports replaced and didn't apologize when we told them about their mistakes. It would have been easy to look up the answer on their internet connection but they refused.
4. The rooms were dirty and filled with ants - and we stayed in 3 different rooms over the course of our trip.
5. When the power went out - they refused to leave the bar to light a candle in our room, yet they did it for other guests. They were mad at us because we had been complaining about the disrespectful service.
6. Several times they scheduled events for us that fell through and they didn't even apologize.
7. They refused to refund any of the over $2500 we spent there despite all of these problems.
8. They are now refusing to cooperate in getting us the police report that we need to get our insurance claim on the lost items.
9. Read the account if you want to get a better sense of what exactly happened.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, what a trip! I am impressed at your resilience.

The best way to keep passports and credit cards are in a fabric wallet that hangs down into your pants from your belt. True, it starts looking crappy real quick, but you will have it barring a strong arm thief who frisks you.

I hate crappy service. Though I stay at much more modest places there and in Guatemala, I have never had such bad service. Highlights from this series of events deserves to be told at tripadviser.com, where this outfit seems to have a high rating. See:


Another place that you might copy and paste this section is:

http://www.belizeforum.com/ Some serious Belize travel experts respond there.

5:05 PM

Blogger Dan Chirlin said...

I took your advice on trip advisor and I had already mentioned this experience on belizeforum. Some people took offense - to each her own I suppose. I hope no one takes this as a criticism of the country. After all - look at the title of my first entry.

"How I learned to stop worrying and LOVE BELIZE."

6:06 PM


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