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Monday, December 12, 2005

How to Maximize Probability of Positive Utility When Gambling on Sports

I offer a radical theory on how to guarantee some level of happiness no matter the outcome of a given bet. However, there are certain prerequisite priorites as listed below:

1. You REALLY like winning money.
2. You REALLY like having your favorite team win.
3. You don't like losing money.
4. You don't like having your favorite team lose.

If this describes you - then you may have use for my theory.

It's actually very simple and stupid - so I'm sure it will be the next BIG thing.

Here it is in 4 four words: BET AGAINST YOUR TEAM.

An explanation: Assuming that watching your favorite team lose makes you unhappy, you would be worse off after watching a losing game. However, in my simplified example (with no point spreads) you will win money on that loss. Therefore, you'll be better than you would have been had you not followed my directions. Also, assuming that losing money makes you unhappy, at least you'll have the consolation of having your favorite team win. If your priorities coincide with the priorities I listed above, you will always have a positive utility.

And depending on point spreads, you may actually get double happiness. Congratulations you have finished my idiotic gambling tutorial.

NEXT WEEK - How to have fun losing your house in a high-stakes poker game!


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