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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Post-Script on the Coast Trip

A very helpful individual has kindly offered to pick up my police report on her next trip to Belize. I will keep you posted on her efforts. Hopefully, she will be able to accomplish the mission with little trouble, but I have my doubts.

She is arriving on the 15th. I will keep my fingers crossed.

What's on tap: Why the sky is blue, where the world's longest burrito was made, the MLB player with the most homeruns whose last name begins with "Z" and other important questions that need answers.


Blogger Ben said...

hey fellow chirlin, dont have time to read your blog but that is pretty unusual. it is russian, or polish, not sure. I think it means our slavic ancestors were carpenters. are you jewish? cause its a jewish name.

10:08 PM


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